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Random Bible Verse is a free tool to generate daily Bible verses. The tradition was that elders used to open the sacred book randomly and place their pointer fingers on random Bible verses.

Before you generate your verse, ponder your question, click "Generate Random Verse," then read the verse to think and meditate.

There are 66 Books in the Holy Bible, both Old and New Testament, containing a total of 1189 chapters and 31211 verses. For more detailed information, visit our Library to browse by Book titles, chapters and verses. The number of chapters will represent each generated book title, and the number of verses will represent each chapter. This information will help you identify how many verses are in each chapter for any Bible book-generated title.

Daily Bible Reading

Read the Bible in 365 days with our Daily Bible Reading section. For each day on the calendar, certain Bible books are assigned. All 66 Bible books are organized and displayed daily.